Author and Genealogist Brings the story of her Grandparents to Life

Suicide, African American Families, Black History, Great Depression, Pullman Porters, GenealogyCandy in the Sand profiles the struggles the Holmes family  faced during the Great Depression.


Will and Gladys Holmes pictured here in 1928 shortly after their marriage.


Will Holmes was cook on the Railroad trains. It was a good job for a black man during the 1920’s. Will lost his job because of the Depression.


Will Holmes as a younger man. He committed suicide in 1941 leaving his young wife with six children to raise alone.46660_110166872373816_7563852_n

This is me with my mother, Thelma. Thelma was 9 years old when her dad committed suicide. She was the only member of the family to see Will before the fatal shot because he woke her up to watch the baby while he committed suicide.

As an author,Genealogist, and eldest Grand daughter, I felt this story had to be told.

Candy in the Sand is available on Amazon.Com.



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